Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Days and Weddings!

You know how important "The Wedding Day" is to so many brides out there. When you add a bit of mother nature into the picture, it stirs up some mixed emotions. As a wedding cake baker/designer, delivering those beautiful "sweet" creations, mother nature is important to me too. It was a week ago that we had some weather and I thought this won't be bad. I was able to load the cakes without rain and on the way to the reception center it started to rain. Ok, now I was talking to the man upstairs, "when I get to my location could you just let me unload the cake and get in safe, then you can turn on the faucets if you want." So knowing this has worked for me in the past, why would this day be different? Time was on my side and the cakes were fine. I was confident in my abilities and my deliverie schedule, however it got me thinking about the bride. How is the bride handling this day, I thought. I was hoping the maid of honor and all of her girls were helping her think of the bright side. They say it is good luck when it rains, right? I was thinking of a cute accessory for the occasion. An umbrella. I have a white umbrella with black polka dots. Wouldn't that make a statement for the bride? So many designs to choose from. If only one would have looked at the almanac and planned for the worst, choosing an umbrella for the rainy days ahead. I guess I hoped that most brides would have a sense of humor but I know that isn't always the case. Hopefully for the future, this can become an accessory for the spring weather we always seem to have here in Phoenix. On my last delivery of the day, I got near the Princess Hotel and all of a sudden, the skies opened up and gave me a terrential downpour. The streets were flooding, the lightning and thunder were so close it made everyone jump. I'm thinking, do I wait it out? I got under the portico and only half was covered, so I got out and got pretty drenched. Did I tell you I had someone with me (to hold the umbrella, but of course). We got the cake in safely and did our thing ( you know, make the cake table look fabulous). As we were coming out, the sun was shining, no rain in site. I looked up and said, so you couldn't have waited another 10 minutes? Mother Nature, gotta love her. These are just a few of the things that pop up into my head on a daily basis. Hope this helps Brides in the future planning of their "wedding day".

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